Monday, 12 March 2012

Using Fulfilment by Amazon to Take the Risk Out of Expansion

For many online sellers, space can be a real issue.  I’ve met countless entrepreneurs whose own homes, through lack of storage space, have been completely taken over by stock. Then there are others who have perhaps struggled to find the funding (or justify the expense) to expand into larger premises as their business seeks greater opportunities.

Issues relating to seasonality are also a huge concern, with sellers unable to justify paying for warehouse space that isn’t used to its maximum capacity for much of the year.  And then there is the question of juggling staffing levels to cope with ever fluctuating demand. Nobody said selling online was easy.

But for ambitious sellers this can be more than just frustrating. In a competitive world, being able to rapidly scale the number of SKUs and physical number of items ordered from suppliers can mean the difference between serious profits and staying small.

If you have found yourself hamstrung by lack of space, a flexible warehousing solution such as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) may offer the solution you are looking for.

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider FBA

1. There When You Need It: FBA allows you to scale up and down effortlessly and only pay for the storage space you use. Don’t let lack of space ever be the reason for turning down a great deal on stock again.

2. Free and Speedy Delivery: Products delivered under the FBA programme are eligible alongside Amazon’s own products for Free Super Saver and Amazon Prime delivery options. Who doesn’t like free delivery?

3. Win the Blue Buy Box More Often: Products in the FBA programme are sorted by Amazon without taking the cost of shipping into the equation.  This will give you an edge when competing for the Blue Buy Box – where of course most of the selling action on Amazon takes place.

4. Picking & Packing: Nobody likes picking and packing. It’s time consuming, boring and, unless you buy and store your packaging supplies in volume, can be expensive. Badly packed items can also severely damage your reputation – which in a competitive online environment is more important than ever. Why not let Amazon take the strain? They’ve got it down to a fine art.

5. Easy Returns + Awesome Customer Service: FBA takes the hassle out of dealing with returns and you’ll also have the hard earned reputation of Amazon’s customer service team on your side.

6. Zero Fee Fulfilment: Valuable, standard-sized items (priced at £300 or more) sold on are eligible for Zero Fee Fulfilment with no Order Handling, Pick & Pack, and Weight Handling fees.

7. Forfil Orders from other Channels: You can use FBA to forfil items purchased from other channels including own website and even other marketplaces such as eBay or PlayTrade. FBA can be a one-stop warehousing and forfilment solution for your entire multi-channel operation.

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