Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dynamic, Simple and Clean Email and Social Media Marketing Courtesy of Gordon Ramsay

I’m told I’m pretty lucky when it comes to content creation. Ideas come to me fairly easily. They are not always great ideas – but they come along in rapid enough succession to enable me to separate the wheat from the chaff and produce a fairly reasonable rate of useable content.
Conversely, many of my clients at iContact tell me that they struggle to come up with creative ideas to keep their email and social media campaigns engaging. They tell me that content creation is time consuming and, when ideas don’t come easily, can often appear a little forced.
Like I say, I’m lucky. But I believe I create my own luck.
So where do my ideas come from?
The answer is pretty much anywhere and everywhere. They come from customers, colleagues, competitors and other industry peers. Sometimes they come from completely out of the leftfield. The secret is knowing how to capture these ideas and record them before they disappear (ideas can be precious and fleeting so never ignore them when they come along).
For example, the idea for this short blog post came while watching a late night repeat of Gordon Ramsay’s television show Kitchen Nightmares USA. In between Chef Ramsay’s potty-mouthed outbursts and close ups of inedible food came three words describing what type of cuisine the desperately failing restaurateur should be aiming for: Dynamic, Simple and Clean.
My initial thought was, Dynamic, Simple and Clean, wow he could be speaking about Email Marketing. I picked up my mobile phone and quickly sent myself an email with the subject line: Dynamic, Simple, and Clean. I then turned the television off, retired to bed and forgot all about email marketing (I love my job but I’m not so sad that I dream about it).
Had I not emailed myself Chef Ramsay’s words of wisdom, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog post and perhaps I’d be struggling to come up with something else.
Remember content, like the ingredients of a fine meal, is best when it comes from an organic and nurtured source (never forced farmed). You can help develop your email and social media marketing strategies by recording nuggets of everyday conversations with colleagues and customers as well as outside influences such as blog posts, newspaper articles and television programs.
No good idea ever came from staring at a blank screen. So widen your sphere of influence, look at things with an open mind, and when inspiration comes – write it down (or send yourself an email as I did). With a bank of good ideas, you’ll find developing a creative Email and Social Media Marketing strategy comes so much easier.


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