Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Successful Email Marketing – Rule #2 – Remember That Less Is Definitely More

Email marketing campaigns are best kept short and to the point. You should try to keep any scrolling to a minimum and, through the use of clear calls to action (e.g., Buy Now or Learn More), direct recipients to your website as quickly and efficiently as possible. Compared to the limited functionality or control in the email environment, a website visit will better enable you to track a customer’s journey across your products or services, capture more detailed data, and carefully guide or influence potential conversions, such as sales or lead-generating opportunities. Keep in mind, however, that the concept of “stickiness” (i.e., the length of time a user stays on a website) does not apply to your email marketing. Optimizing your website landing page (i.e., the page your subscribers arrive on after clicking on your email campaign) by stripping out unnecessary links and navigation will help increase conversions.
Try This: Select just one offer per email campaign, and segment your list accordingly (see Rule #1). If you have a range of complementary products, focus on a hero product, and add simple links or thumbnail images to promote the additional items. If you have segmented your lists and made the effort to tailor your campaigns to your recipients’ needs, you will be rewarded with improved open and clickthrough rates as well as conversions.
Real-World Example: Think about your email campaigns in the same way you would a menu in a restaurant. If there are too many dishes to choose from, nothing looks appetizing. The best restaurants understand this. By limiting their menus to a few choice selections, restaurants help their customers make well-informed, quick decisions while also serving them more efficiently and profitably. Similarly, your email marketing campaigns should include clear calls to action and should get straight to the point.
Are your email marketing campaigns leaving cash on the table?
Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and therefore profitable online marketing solutions available to today’s entrepreneur. Its simplicity and speed, combined with its low cost and transparent, easy-to-understand reporting, make it a popular driver of business for companies and organizations of all sizes.
Despite this, many marketers fail to maximize on their potential from email marketing.
Could your email marketing campaigns be more effective? Would you benefit from a quick review of email marketing best practices? Are you making common email marketing mistakes that reduce the success of your campaigns?
We believe that successful email marketing starts with 10 easy-to-follow rules that help you maximize your results while avoiding those “rookie” mistakes that damage your reputation and eat into your profits.
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