Monday, 2 July 2012

Great Content Marketing Solves Real Life Problems

Do you go looking for problems? If you are attempting to build a solid content marketing strategy as a cornerstone for your social media, email marketing and blogging activity, it’s probably about time you did.
This is because great content marketing is all about solving real world problems.
In fact, I would go so far as saying, if you are not addressing your clients’ (both existing and potential) problems, you’ve got a problem yourself.
As marketers, we all want to create engaging campaigns that spur our prospects into action. There is no better way to do this than by tackling a problem on their behalf. This will not only help confirm your position as an industry expert but also make it much easier for potential clients to decide that they want to work with you.
Of course, there are a couple of alternatives to delivering good problem solving content:
  • The Big Sale:  The hard sell often accompanied with heavy discounting
  • The Ego:  Trust us, we’re #1 – just because we say so
  • The Guru: The real world is a distraction, our approach to business is more Zen-like (which can often mean we’re making this stuff up)
The problem with these “strategies” is that they deliver very little in terms of value to the end-user and could ultimately devalue your brand, product or service.
Wouldn’t it be better to speak to a client, find out what makes their life difficult and help them find a solution to their business problems which could empower you both?
Eating Our Own Dog Food
At iContact we recognized that many of our small business clients had a number of problems that prevented them from maximizing the potential from their email marketing and social media activity. This resulted in many marketers pumping out less-than-optimized campaigns or, worse still, just not engaging with our software (this is a problem for all software vendors offering free trial versions of their software).
Our solution was to offer a simple 30-Day Starter Plan to Email Marketing alongside our free 30-day trial software. The guide offered an easy-to-follow strategy which could be executed during the initial trial period, demonstrating how successful email marketing campaigns can be deployed, analyzed and optimized within the 30-day trial period.
The results would help our clients realize their potential and help us convert more trial customers. In short everyone wins. You can check out our 30-Day Starter Plan here.


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