Friday, 24 August 2012

Becoming THE Expert: Reviews, Press and Kind Words

Becoming THE Expert: Enhancing Your Business Reputation through Thought Leadership Marketing - has been available now for little over a month and I am pleased to say the initial reaction from readers and the media alike has been very positive.

It’s been an exciting few weeks, with sales (during what is normally a slow period), fairly buoyant. Interestingly, iBookstore sales seem to be trumping Amazon Kindle sales, with the book hitting the number one spot in iTunes Sales and Marketing category several times.

I wanted to use this blog post to share some of the reviews and kind words I have received from readers to date. If you have not had a chance to read the book yet, remember you can download a free sample from both Amazon and iTunes to try before you buy.

5 Star Reviews on Amazon

This is an excellent resource whether you are a small business owner or a professional working for a medium to large Corporation. This book is easy to digest and empowers you to leverage Mr. Hayes' expertise to enhance your value as a business owner, executive, or employee. This book helped me improve my professional capabilities substantially. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to sharpen their skills for the digital marketing age.

A great book for small business owners who want to learn how to position themselves as experts in their industry both online and in the media. Lots of advice about how to use blogging, PR, online video, public speaking and a whole raft of other "Thought Leadership" marketing techniques to grow my business. Highly Recommended.

In Becoming THE Expert John gives excellent tips for small and medium-sized businesse to build their reputation and grow their business through use of their industry expertise and knowledge. The book focuses largely on web-based activity (blogging, social media, etc.) - but features strategies that can be adopted by both on and offline businesses. Some great tips on how to find your voice and distribute your thought leadership content and equally important - how to spot mistakes and prevent self imposed roadblocks that can thwart your efforts or damage your reputation as an expert in your industry.

Best of all, most of the advice is free to implement so you can attract customers and build your industry profile for no cost, just a small investment of your time on an ongoing basis.

As a business owner I've been struggling with creating a social media campaign. Is this you? This book contains a remarkable revelation.This book is brilliant in that it cuts though all the hype and rubbish written about marketing. It contains solid, sensible advice with real world resources that will help you with your marketing. It has completely changed my Social Media strategy and replaced it with a Thought Leader strategy.
Get ahead of the marketing curve and buy this book now.


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