Tuesday, 5 March 2013

No! I Don’t “Like” You + 3 Tips to Become Popular Again

When we were small, beautiful friendships would often start with a really simple question, “Will you play with me?”

If only things were so simple in the grown up world of social media and email marketing.

Almost every day I see marketers in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond reverting to childhood and asking complete strangers, “Please like me”.

It doesn’t work that way anymore.

If you want to people (who you would value as customers) to “like” you via a social network or subscribe to your email marketing newsletter you have to offer them something of real value in return.

I recently spoke with a marketer who told me she had come to realize that although she had numerous social media followers, they were the wrong type of friends. Whenever she tweeted or posted a message about her cat, she received plenty of engagement. Whenever she shared something related to her work, she was hit by a wall of silence.

It seemed that while people “liked” her personally, they didn’t “like” her in a professional capacity.

3 Things to Share via Social Media and Email Marketing to Make You Popular Again

1. Great Content: Blog posts, whitepapers, podcasts, videos. Although there is a place for carefully sharing other people’s content, you should always strive to produce your own content which delivers insight, opinion and helps your potential clients solve problems.

2. Conversation: Why should anyone “like” you if all you are doing is trying to compile a new list of friends but not doing anything to engage your existing followers and subscribers.

3. Deals: Early bird offers, subscriber exclusive deals and social media friendly discount codes are a great incentive for people to “like”, “follow”, “subscribe” and “share”.

How are you using social media and email marketing to become more popular?


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