Thursday, 12 December 2013

Is Email Marketing Part of Your Marketing Strategy for 2014?

There should be no hesitation in your answer to the above question, and while I am looking for a resounding “Yes,” I wouldn’t be surprised if you said “No.”

This is because I speak to marketers every single day who still haven’t found a space in their marketing plans for email. Yes, they are doing paid search. Yes, they have budget for SEO. And without doubt they are toying with social media.

Some have even spent years building up their email marketing lists in the belief that one day they will start pushing out campaigns. The bad news for these marketers is (with the average life span of an email address being only 18 months), by the time they get around to hitting their lists, they will be far from effective.

Despite this, email marketing remains the most cost-effective and therefore efficient method of driving repeat business from your customers. These are customers who might have cost your business money to acquire via more expensive marketing strategies like paid search. Unless you are engaging these clients with email marketing, you may never see a cent of profit from them. Remember, if they keep clicking on your paid search ads, you are paying to acquire the same customers again and again.

So what excuse do you have for not investing in email in 2014? Are you a busy fool? Does this make you happy? I thought not.

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Lara Tomb said...

Yes,I use the Express e-mail marketing service from and no matter where I am I can reach my clients. There are no boundaries with email marketing.
E-mail marketing has many advantages like it saves time when compared with postal mailings and telesale campaigns.With email marketing the mail will be ready with the help of templates and will reach many people in shorter span of time.It’s easy and it’s simple. Anyone can do it anytime. This method allows to use the mailing list which gives the ability to distribute information to a wide range of specific, clients at a low cost.Email contains opt in or opt out options this helps to short list our prospects. People who are interested in the message will happily give their email address for further communication.

Kurban Ali said...

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