Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

Who doesn’t want more Twitter followers? And while quantity can be an exercise in vanity, there is little doubt that a large following of carefully targeted individuals will help you maximize your reach and deliver positive engagement and ultimately drive ROI from your social media efforts.
However, building any kind of community can be difficult. Many social media marketers make the mistake of thinking that just by being really active on Twitter will help them win new friends and become that influential thought leader. Very often they are wrong. They become that social media wannabe who constant re-appropriates other people’s content and ultimately drives people away from their brand through sheer boredom.
If you want to get more followers on Twitter you need to do something really interesting away from Twitter.
It’s your life off social media that makes you appear interesting and will encourage people to follow you and share your insight and opinion.
6 Ideas to Build a Following on Twitter off Twitter
  1. Invest in a cool product or service: Believing in your own product or service is a vital first step to social media success. People don’t buy marketing, they buy into marketing and your marketing will ultimately fail if your product or service is not up to scratch.
  2. Create amazing content: Content is the foundation of any successful social media strategy. Take your time to write informative blog posts or detailed whitepapers, design eye-catching infographics and produce entertaining videos.
  3. Solve problems: If you can solve a problem for one client, the chances are many others will benefit from your advice.
  4. Get out more: Break free from the office environment and meet real people. Build real relationships first and your social media relationships will also blossom.
  5. Talk more: Take any opportunity to talk about your products or services at industry-related events and build up you reputation as an expert in your field. If you are unable to secure any relevant speaking gigs, try setting your own up.
  6. Make friends with journalists and bloggers: People may get tired of you constantly talking about your brand, product or service but as soon as a journalist or bloggers starts promoting you, you’ll gain instant credibility.
The moral of the story is, in order to lead a successful life on Twitter, you may first need to lead an interesting life off Twitter.
Photo credit: Slava Murava Kiss


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