Thursday, 30 April 2015

Content Marketing and Cobblers Shoes

As a marketing strategist, I find it is too easy to preach best practices while occasionally letting my own house slip into disorder.
I do try and walk the walk as well as I talk the talk but recently I’ve been so busy and I might have let things slide a little
When this happens, I usually like to sit down, take stock and write a good list to get my own marketing efforts back into shape and firing from all cylinders.
Here’s my current list of priorities:
LinkedIn Groups: I’ve owned a LinkedIn Group for quite some time now but in recent times have not given it the attention it deserves (it’s largely been left dormant). As well as updating the branding of the group to better reflect the groups focus, I’ve committed to publish to it every day and encourage members to share their thoughts, opinions, insight and questions. I’ve also committed to make better use of the group’s weekly announcement facility. Consider this an open invite to join my Becoming THE Expert LinkedIn Group.
Email Marketing: My list isn’t as fresh as it could be. It’s time to take the time to cut out the deadwood and focus on growing my list. I’ll do this by creating new content for some whitepapers and perhaps a series of webinars (see below).
Webinars: I love webinars for the simple fact that every time I run one, I sell something. I can think of no better reason to run one and so I commit to run at least one webinar per month. Subscribe to my email list (using the form on the right hand side of this page and never miss out on a future webinar)
Events: I get most of my best content marketing ideas from speaking to clients and asking them to share their marketing problems with me. In order to meet more people and generate more ideas, I need to commit to run at least two public seminars per month. 
Book #3: I tell my clients it is easy to write a book. Simply commit to writing 250 words a day (which isn’t much) and within three to five months your find your book ready to be edited. I’ve not been sticking to this recently, resulting in my third book being well behind schedule. Time to pull my finger out and commit to these 250 words a day myself.
Blogging: I blog daily across a range of sites (including here on LinkedIn,Business2CommunityiContact and Viralheat) but my own personal blog is in dire shape. This either needs looking at and fixing or killing off (not an option).
Read More: Sometimes, it’s all too easy to switch on the television and waste an evening in front of its warm glow instead of getting stuck into a good, inspirational book. Time spent reading is never wasted. Now I’ve finished that Breaking Bad box set, I’ve got no excuse not to turn off the idiot tube and read a good book instead.
Social Media: I always tell people that we were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason. We need to listen more than we talk. This is equally true on social media, where I have been broadcasting too much recently. I need to find better balance and start engaging more (and this means listening). Stop by for a chat on Twitter here.
Images: I don’t take enough photos. I’m committing to carry a camera with me at all times (instead of relying on my cell phone) in the hope it will remind me to take more snaps.
So there you have it, quite a list to be getting on with. Have you let things slip recently? How about sharing your list of priorities below?


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