Friday, 1 May 2015

Becoming THE Expert - The Month in Review (April)

It’s been another busy couple of weeks here at Becoming THE Expert. We've travelled to Glasgow and London and delivered two successful Content Marketing Boot Camps, we’ve announced a new Email and Social Media Masterclass at The Guardian Newspaper and launched this, our new Content Marketing Month in Review newsletter.

We're also in the process of starting work on a series of new digital Content Marketing training videos and I’m just a few thousand words away from completing work on the first draft of my latest book (stay tuned for updates). It’s true what they say, if you want a job doing - give it to a busy man.

On the Blog

Lots happening on the blog this week. Here are just a sample of some of our more recent posts:

Content Marketing and Cobblers Shoes:  As a marketing strategist, I find it is too easy to preach best practices while occasionally letting my own house slip into disorder. I do try and walk the walk as well as I talk the talk but recently I’ve been so busy and I might have let things slide a little When this happens, I usually like to sit down, take stock and write a good list to get my own marketing efforts back into shape and firing from all cylinders. More>>

10 Things Your Local Business Should Tweet About: Email marketing and Twitter were made for each other. I like to think of Twitter as the bait that keeps your audience engaged with your brand while they are waiting for your next great email marketing offer. As such, your email campaigns should always be supported by regular series of tweets. The fact that Twitter is free makes it the ideal accompaniment to a low cost, high performance marketing channel like email, particularly when budgets are tightMore>>

Why Authors, Bloggers, Journalists and Writers Need to Think Like Rock Stars: As a writer, I think I have a pretty cool job. There cannot be many occupations where you are allowed to spend countless hours in private contemplation, just imagining. Clearing my head (which often involves going for a walk or taking a cycle ride along the beach) is a very important aspect of my creative process (or at least that is what I tell my family and the people I work for). When my mind drifts (and it doesn’t take much to start this process), it takes me down a whole new career path. More>>

Elsewhere Online
New: iContact Pro – Smart[er] Email Marketing (Tamebay): As email marketing becomes even more ingrained into the modern marketing eco-system, enhanced by social media and mobile technology, iContact have been working hard to develop a smarter, more evolved email marketing solution, now launched as iContact Pro, enabling their advanced users to deliver more sophisticated, more targeted, and more engaging email marketing campaigns. More>>

Becoming THE Expert: An Introduction to Content Marketing - 14 May 2015 (The Wholesale Forums): Content marketing can help your organisation drive new leads, win new business and ultimately increase profits. But many small business owners find it difficult to create compelling content to fuel their content marketing strategy, citing lack of time, lack of ideas or simply the lack of ability. Becoming THE Expert helps small and medium-sized business owners and marketers find their voice and position themselves as Thought Leaders within their own field of expertise. More>>

Becoming THE Expert: Online Bookshelf  

If you are looking for some reading inspiration, let Becoming THE Expert take you into the May Bank Holiday Weekend.

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Have a great weekend and I hope to catch up with you all again next month.

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