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8 Simple Ways To Get More Business Reviews

Your reviews on Google are important for many reasons. It can be frustrating when you serve many customers but don’t get a single review. What can be even more frustrating is just how many leads you lost because of not having a review. 90% of customers say that their online shopping is influenced by reviews so it’s about time that you started to get more reviews for your business. When you Google your business the Google+ reviews appear on the right hand side of the page.
Making sure you have a good rating with a good number of trustworthy reviews not only influences people to buy from you, but it will also improve the amount of leads you see through local SEO. Although Google has never actually said that reviews effect rankings there is plenty of evidence to support this theory and nothing bad can come of getting more good reviews, so how can you get more reviews?
Just Ask
While it may seem simple, just asking clients that you have recently finished work for (or sold to) is one of the best ways to get more reviews for your business. Of course, you shouldn’t ask until the work is actually done – but when you hand over the final meeting with the client you can ask them if they would kindly leave you a review. It’s easy to forget these things when you are in the excitement of getting a new website or buying from your shop but a polite reminder will usually do the trick.
Make it Simple
You aren’t going to get more reviews if you don’t make it simple to leave one. No one is going to spend 30 minutes faffing about to leave a company a review and you need to be fully aware of this. Make sure that you have one dedicated reviewing platform where customers can leave their reviews, somewhere that doesn’t require a sign up would work best. You should get your customers to write a good and honest review, but it doesn’t need to be an essay. Google+ is a great place to get reviews because most people will already have an account there.
Have Signs in your Shop
If you are running a shop where customer come in to buy it can be difficult to ask for a review from them over the counter. This is why you can use print to help send that friendly reminder to them. Put up signs on the counter top or over the exits and try to print a friendly reminder onto your receipts. If this works for only 10% of people it’s still 10% more reviews than you had before.
Create a Landing Page for Reviews
This is a simple idea which can be very effective. If you created a page dedicated to reminding people to review you, you could then use this after each sale and in your email signature. You could also put this on your invoices to clients or simply send them the link after the work is done. By having all the information in one simple place your clients will find it much easier to leave you a review and will be much more inclined to do so.
Offer Incentives
You can get more reviews by offering a reason for people to review you. There is a fine line between simply buying reviews and nudging people on their way to the review site but the line is there. Pizza Hut in the UK ask for a review on their receipts, and if you go online to fill it out you can get offers such as 2 for 1 or entered into a prize draw to win a large amount of money. People always feel their time is worth something and by using these techniques you are offering something for that time. You can also use it to get repeat customers by offering % discounts on their next shop, this way you will get more reviews and get repeat customers.
Say Thanks
Nobody likes doing something for nothing. To some people a little appreciation can be worth a lot more than any monetary value. If you thank people for leaving their reviews they will feel much happier towards your business and feel like their time has been noticed and rewarded. This can make them refer you to their friends, but it can also make you feel great too. Smiles can be infectious.
Offer Incentives to Your Employees
While offering incentives to the client is a great way to get more reviews you can also offer incentives to your employees. Your employees are going to be much more likely to push for a review from customers if they get a cash bonus per review. This is a simple system but has been proven to work. Commission is so widely used in sales for a reason and it’s not a bad thing to bring it into other areas of your business.
Link to your Reviews in your Email
If you are proud of your 5 star rating then why don’t you have it in your email signature? Not only will this let people know just how good you are but it will also make people click through to your review site so they can read the reviews. Once they read your reviews not only will you be more likely to close the deal but they are more likely to leave you a good review.

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