Thursday, 18 June 2015

What is Co-Marketing?

“No man is an island, unless his name is Madagascar” – Phil Kay

In all seriousness, it’s incredibly difficult to operate any kind of business in a vacuum. Every entrepreneur has a set of skills that can only be enhanced when the efforts of two relevant (non-competitive) businesses join forces. This is why business networking events are so popular.

However, in the online world, too many businesses are stuck fast in their own eco-systems, sat in dark rooms, staring at screens and trying desperately to squeeze as much revenue out of their hard won, expensively acquired (often limited) audiences. 

Unless budgets are uncapped (and they never are), there is only so much we can do on our own. We need to get out there more and meet like-minded organisations.

When your business moves at the speed of the Internet, breaking free from the office might sound easier than it actually is. Thankfully, help is available online for entrepreneurs hoping to build their networks and create powerful co-marketing opportunities.

There is Power in a (Content Marketing) Union

BoostSuite is a new service from former iContact Email Marketing co-founder Aaron Houghton designed to bring like-minded businesses together and harness the power of each other’s communities by trading content (or co-marketing).

Co-Marketing works like this:  A fitness studio might want to share content with a sportswear retailer and vice versa. This partnership creates a win-win marketing situation. Both businesses get high quality, original content for their sites (pleasing existing visitors and the major search engines) and the opportunity to win new customers by sharing highly relevant links.

BoostSuite offers both freemium and subscription based models (depending on the number of trades you want to make each month. All content is approved by human editors before being made available to the community to ensure quality. Content should be 100% original and of an informational nature (not promotional). The company already works with thousands of online retailers using services like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion and eBay.

To learn more about co-marketing and start sharing content register with BoostSuite today.


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