Friday, 17 July 2015

Guest Post: Great Content is Key to Your Social and Digital Marketing Success

With the changing digital marketing landscape, website owners are always on the search to find the perfect digital marketing strategy for their company. While there are different SEO tips and tricks to embrace, one important thing is to write killer content for your website.
Google automatically ranks a site high on its organic search results if the site happens to contain highly informative, original content. Google, the most trusted search engine today keeps making new algorithm update every year. With a new algorithm update, website owners go haywire thinking of ways to regain their website’s lost ranking on Google. Even though the SEO game changes every year, one thing has always stayed the same – quality content that not only attracts the search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing) but your target audience as well who will share the content with their own extended network.
Find below a few tips to make content the key to your social and digital marketing success.
Create relevant content
While your writers can write on practically anything, it is important to make them understand the importance of creating relevant content. You will find dozens of websites on the internet but there are only a couple of them that successfully achieve the top spot on Google. The reason been those sites contain relevant content – text and graphics that help to attract multiple visitors to your site and retain them successfully. Through magnetic website content, blog, social media updates, you can easily reach out to more number of people within a short time span.
Maintain uniqueness
Your website must have ‘unique’ content. It is one of the most important aspects of a successful digital marketing campaign. If your content is unique and stands out from the rest, you will see how quickly you start getting noticed on the digital web and search engines. You must write keeping in mind the real humans and not the search engine bots or spiders. Try to publish your unique content on various social media web platforms to get maximum visibility. Google also places high importance in unique content.
Engage your audience through rich social media content
Social media plays a very important role these days. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest has millions of users ready to share relevant content with their friends and followers. You should create more relevant interesting content that your readers will find engaging and will like, comment, and share with their own network.
Use various forms of content
In addition to producing blog posts and website content, try to use your “killer” content through multiple videos, audio, e-book files, and online presentations (PPT). One of the best ways to increase traffic on the web is to use your content on videos. Try to create more video tutorials explaining your products or services in the best possible fashion.
Let increased number of people get attracted to your video and eventually to your business. Videos have proved to be a vital digital marketing channel helping multiple small, medium sized companies and large enterprises get increased online traffic, sales and higher ROI in real-time.

Written by Steve Myring of
Steve Myring is owner and CEO of Molchester Digital Marketing Agency


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