Monday, 14 September 2015

Introducing BoostSuite Ads - Remarketing On Steroids

Over the weekend, co-marketing company BoostSuite announced the launch of a new service called BoostSuite Ads.

In short, BoostSuite Ads are similar in nature to the remarketing ads you see on Google but have the potential to reach a much wider, highly targeted audience. I like to think of BoostSuite Ads as remarketing on steroids.

Standard remarketing ads are only shown to people who have already visited your website and may have already made the decision not to work with your business. BoostSuite Ads include your own audience, but also expand your pool of prospects to include the online audiences of your co-marketing partners too, introducing your business to a much wider audience.

BoostSuite matches you with co-marketing partners based on similarities in your online audiences. For instance, a bike shop might get matched with a bike tour operator because people in both online audiences are interested in biking.

Because of this matching, people in your co-marketing audience are significantly more likely to become your next customer than general visitors on the Internet.

The service (which has been operating in beta for a number of months now) is already delivering staggering results for users.

For example:

Because prospects targeted by BoostSuite Ads are new prospects for your business, it’s common to see higher clickthrough rates with BoostSuite Ads then with remarketing ads.

For BoostSuite user Dr. Larry Shapiro of, BoostSuite Ads targeting generated a 69.23% higher clickthrough rate than the same ads when targeted by Google Adwords.

For BoostSuite user Rhonda Williams of, BoostSuite Ads targeting generated clickthrough rates 135% better than remarketing directly with Google Adwords.

To learn more about BoostSuite co-marketing services including BoostSuite Ads visit:


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