Monday, 20 June 2016

Guest Post: 4 Tips to Be Successful on YouTube

If you want to be successful on YouTube there are some key features that you should know about.
1. You Have to Find the Right Topic for your Video
If you want to be successful on YouTube, or for your videos to be successful, you have to first find the right topic for them. To do so, you can use a software or browser add-on called TubeBuddy. It offers you a large variety of features, but the most important is the "Tag Explorer".
Using the Tag Explorer, you can find keywords that are worthwhile to target, and are successful on YouTube. It will show you the search volume and the competition of a certain keyword. Now, you just have to find a keyword with very low competition and a high search volume. Of course these keywords are rare, but spend some time searching for them. Now that you found a good keyword to target on, you have a topic for your video.
2. You Have to Create the Video
If you create the video, make sure it is quality. Find a good editing program and cut out extraneous parts. This way your viewers will have more fun watching the video. Otherwise, they will most likely not subscribe to you and will switch to another video.
3. Publish your Video
If you publish your video to YouTube you can also do a lot of things to make your video rank better. First of all, put all your keywords into the title. This will result in YouTube knowing what your video is about, and help your ranking. Last but not least, create a cool and catching thumbnail that invites people to click on your video. Your thumbnail should also be named like one of your keywords.
4. Make People Interact with your Video and Promote your Video
If your video is already on YouTube, you can still make people interact with your video and promote it. To do so, simply add infocards or annotations that link to another one of your videos, ask your viewers to like your video, and ask them to subscribe to you and comment. This isn't annoying for the viewers, but gives them more interaction with the video. Interaction is important if you want to be successful on YouTube. If you want to promote your video, you can also use social media to tell your followers that you've published a new video.
Using these tips, you can easily improve your YouTube ranking.

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