Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Low Cost Acquisition Marketing for High Cost Acquisition Businesses

If you work in marketing for a financial services company, a law firm or a technology vendor, you’ll be painfully aware of the high costs associated with generating new business leads via paid search campaigns, comparison sites or affiliate marketing.

The cost of a single click on a paid search network can destroy any margin you have in a product or service and with so much competition out there, the promise of extended customer lifetime value and future profits are far from guaranteed.

But you need the leads because you need the business and so, as painful as it is, you keep digging deep in the hope it will pay off one day.

There is Another Way

BoostSuite is a low cost acquisition marketing technology that can deliver highly targeted traffic with the potential to drive tens or even hundreds of leads for the price of just one or two clicks on a paid search ad.

How Does It Work?

BoostSuite enables marketers to partner with like-minded organizations and build a shared pool of traffic which can be used to power incredibly targeted re-marketing campaigns. This creates an opportunity for potential customers to see your ads even if they have never visited your website before.

For example: A company providing mortgages might partner with a property developer, a real estate agent and an insurance broker. The traffic generated by people visiting your partner sites creates the opportunity for your ads (and your partners’ ads) to be positioned across a wide range of high traffic sites (including major news networks such as CNN and ESPN) and specialist, industry focused blogs and websites.

How Do I Start?

BoostSuite is offering marketers the opportunity to try their new remarketing service for free. The free service enables marketers to show their ads to up to 500 people per month. Paid subscriptions start from only $19 per month. 

Registration is simple
 and no credit card is required.

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